[mythtv-users] xine issues

dave at theansells.com dave at theansells.com
Wed Jun 15 12:42:15 UTC 2005

> I have myth running on a gentoo box with the frontend and backend.  It
> rocks!
> I also have xebian running on an xbox, as a frontend on another
> tv...that really rocks!
> Now the bad news:  I can't get xine to play dvds on either.  (mplayer of
> course only played title 1).  I modified the command line to be xine -n
> -g f -p dvd:// from a post I found, but it still just hangs.
> On the gentoo box, it might be because kde is also running (I would love
> to stop that from happening, and instead just have the frontend loop, so
> that if it crashes, it would just keep restarting).
> On the xbox, it just goes to a blank screen.  Now I had heard that the
> xbox running xebian live cd (which I do from the apps dir) won't play
> dvd's with xine.  But I can't confirm that.
> Anyone here know how to fix these issues?
> Thanks,
> Fuzzie


      Works fine on my FC3 frontend:

    For DVD:     xine --no-splash -pfhq -I -D -B -S volume=90 dvd://
    For video:     xine --no-splash -pfhq -I -D -B -S volume=90 %s

-pfhq    Play automatically, full screen,  hide gui, quit on completion

-I     No Gui   (-g is alternative, hide gui or this might actually not be
needed due to h option above?)
-D    Deinterlace
-B    Borderless
-S volume=90     Equalise volume with rest of Mythtv


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