[mythtv-users] Some problems with my mythtv setup

scifi at bredband.net scifi at bredband.net
Wed Jun 15 11:02:20 UTC 2005

Hi all!

I love my mythtv system but i have some troubles that i would like to get sorted :)

Info of my setup:
One backend+frontend running gentoo and myth cvs from 2 june. 2 dvb-t cards maps agains the same dvb provider
video card: Nvidia Geforce MX400
Lirc device: Homebuilt Irman
Ram: 512 mb
CPU: 2.4ghz P4

One frontend machine asus pundit (sis chipset) 512mb ram celeron 2.4 ghz running Gentoo with lirc (lirc driver=lirc_serial) myth cvs 2 june

1 If i watch a recording then exit to the ui, mythfrontend dies. I have debuged it to Opengl vsync troubles. If i disable opengl vsync the problem goes away. I have tried 2 of the newest nvidia drivers but with no luck

2. Troubles with fast forward/backward if i have paused live tv

3. On my frontend machine (asus pundit), if i press any remote buttons, my screen turns black for a half second, very annoying

Anyone with these problems, and my have a fix?

Cheers /SciFi

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