[mythtv-users] auto-expire by priority?

Justin Popa tehpopa at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 02:16:59 UTC 2005

For those who didnt see my post from earlier, I am back to using
another repository for the at-stable information.

http://mirrors.ircam.fr pub/atrpms/fedora/3/en/i386 at-stable

This should be a near perfect mirror. It's working 100% for me right
now. Don't mean to say avoid atrpms, but until this issue is resolved,
this will work for most of you.

I've noticed about 2-3 people say they were comcast. Anyone here
having the problem on an ISP **OTHER** than comcast?

On 6/14/05, Chris Pinkham <cpinkham at bc2va.org> wrote:
> > Maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong, but is there a way to
> > auto-expire by priority rather than by age, or otherwise configure my
> > recording schedules to achieve this effect?
> Don't think there's a way to do this right now.  It'd be fairly easy
> to implement though.  When I created AutoExpire, I created a method
> called AutoExpire::FillExpireList().  This method checks the current
> AutoExpireMethod and calls the appropriate function to get the list
> of recordings to autoexpire.  Currently the only method is oldest first
> and uses AutoExpire::FillOldestFirst(), but you could easily add a
> AutoExpire::FillLowestPriorityFirst() and add code to store the
> original recording priority with a recording so it could be used to
> AutoExpire.  I figured people would want other methods so I tried to
> make the code flexible, but noone ever implemented any other expiration
> ordering methods and I think the setup option for selecting the method
> has been taken out of the setup screen recently because of this.  My
> drive never seems to fill up enough to have AutoExpire kick in, but if I
> did use it, I know I'd prefer "Lowest Priority First" rather than
> "Oldest First".  If I didn't care that much if it recorded to begin with,
> why would I want it to stick around when something else I cared about more
> got expired just because it was older? :)
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