[mythtv-users] auto-expire by priority?

Robert Tsai rtsai1111 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 14 22:28:25 UTC 2005

Maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong, but is there a way to
auto-expire by priority rather than by age, or otherwise configure my
recording schedules to achieve this effect?

Suppose I only record two programs: Law & Order (high priority), and
Conan O'Brien (low priority), and record all episodes of each on
network TV. The idea is to simply let Conan O'Brien dominate all
available disk space (L&O airs once a week, compared with Conan
O'Brien airing twice each evening), but when a new episode of Law &
Order is aired, Conan is kicked out always (even if some L&O episode
is the oldest recording available).

With sufficient disk space, this behavior can be approximated by
limiting Conan to 5 episodes (say), so that it is limited to some
amount of disk space (5 * however many GB each airing consumes). But
this becomes harder to manage manually in the presence of many
recording schedules.

Or would this behavior require a patch?

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