[mythtv-users] UK Sky via DVB-S + CAM

Neil Davidson lists at backslash.co.uk
Tue Jun 14 21:42:32 UTC 2005

> >>Completely correct (much to many peoples disappointment)
> >>
> >>The encryption mechanism Sky use is proprietary (amongst 
> other things 
> >>too
> >>probably) so until they open it all up we'll have to live with 
> >>analogue capture.
> It's not proprietary at all. Many other companies use it. 
> It's just not compromised yet.
> It's NDS Videoguard. And I hold a CAM for it in my hand now.

OK, I stand completely (and happily) corrected. I spent a couple of nights
googleing to see if this was possible a while back and came to the
conclusion I stated originally, I'm very glad to hear I was wrong :)

> Total cost so far is:
> 51.50 - CAM
> 39.00 - Dynamite Programmer
> 12.00 - FunCard 7
> Not recommended:
> 69.00 - Twinhan Vision DTV Sat-CI 1030A

Pity the Twinhan card doesn't work well, I liked the fact is was a very
compact card (especially compared to the Nexus-S with additional CAM) any
others cards you would recommend or even just know about.


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