[mythtv-users] Manually Updating Listings

Derek Battams derek at battams.ca
Tue Jun 14 21:08:48 UTC 2005

My cable provider (Rogers Cable - Toronto) does not provide listings for the
digital sports channels (MLB Extra Innings, NFL Sunday Ticket, etc.) to Zap2It.
 So I've written a script that grabs the data and is able to manually update the
program table of the mythconverg DB and it seems to work nicely (i.e. the
listings appear correct in the EPG).

So my question, am I causing potential problems somewhere else by manually
editing the program listings for these channels?  Basically, what I'm doing is
parsing the schedule data and for each day I have listings, I'm wiping out the
generic listings provided by Zap2It and replacing it with INSERTs of my data. 
Currently, I'm not providing program or episode id values, just a title and

Since I updated the listings manually mythfilldatabase has run a few times and
to my surprise has not overwritten my manual updates (I've filled in 14 days in
advance).  Is this expected/ok?  Finally, if I schedule one of these games to be
recorded will the record of that scheduled recording be maintained after
subsequent runs of mythfilldatabase?

Help appreciated,

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