[mythtv-users] atprms.net unreachable?

Larry Taub larryt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 13:18:51 UTC 2005

I started having this problem midday yesterday after doing a dist-upgrade on 
a fresh install and it is still going on. I was speaking with someone else 
who reported the same problem after doing the same thing. Perhaps there is 
some sort of bandwidth limiting going on right now because of the FC4 
 >> Anyone else having trouble getting to atrpms.net <http://atrpms.net/>? 
I'm not subscribed
>> to their mailing list, and I can't get to the website.
>Yes, I am too, right in the middle of a massive upgrade. I could not
>hit the website, so I assumed it is just down for a bit. The upgrade
>started fine, and got some of the packages, so it just went down in
>like the last 30 minutes. It usually is not down for more than 1 hr
>or so, so I will just wait till later tonight or tomorrow (it is early
>in the morning over there, so if it needs a reboot, will likely not
>happen for a while).
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