[mythtv-users] Manual Edit Of cutpoints

Brett May brett.may at thalesatm.com
Tue Jun 14 06:11:27 UTC 2005

Hi Robin,

That definately helps.  I think the first line is what I am doing wrong, 
I am jumping in and out of edit mode so I can use the fast forward and 
hear the music.  I think I will probably have to scan through it quickly 
once listening to the music and noting down the approx times of the film 
clips I want.  Then go into edit mode and edit out the stuff I don't 
want using the arrow keys as you have described.  I read the Docs and it 
didn't describe the arrow keys the way you did, seems alot less 
complicated now.  Will try this when I get home.


Robin Smith wrote:

>Essentially, the easiest way would be to stay in Edit mode and mark up
>the whole recording.
[.. Lots of Good Stuff deleted ..]

>forward, and so on until you get the cut point where you want. It
>sounds more complicated than it is in reality...
>Hope this helps

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