[mythtv-users] Manual Edit Of cutpoints

Brett May brett.may at thalesatm.com
Tue Jun 14 03:52:00 UTC 2005

Hi All,

Finally have (most) of my mythtv setup running despite choosing an epia 
M10000, a twinhaun card, and Gentoo as my OS! Mostly I record RAGE which 
is about 10 hours of nonstop music clips.  What I would like to do is 
edit out the clips I don't want, idealy into seperate files but I don't 
think this is supported yet. So what I am doing is kind of like manually 
marking commericals to be cut out.  My problem is that I can only seem 
to keep one film clip. 

I do the following:
* select 'e' while watching the recoded RAGE file to go into edit mode.
* Select space when I get to the first film clip I want and mark it as 
"Delete before this point".
* Fast forward to the end of the clip and select space and mark it as 
"Delete after this point"

This is where I encounter a problem, the video stops playing as it 
thinks I don't want anything
after this point.  What am I doing wrong?  I would have thought that 
while in edit mode nothing is saved or acted upon, I am just marking 
what I do or don't want to keep.

Any ideas?


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