[mythtv-users] Problem playing back some recordings on remote frontend

Obie Fayth bibendum59 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 00:35:59 UTC 2005

     I'm having a problem playing back some recordings on my remote
frontend and it is driving me crazy. I've been unable to find anything
like this in the archives. I have a couple of 2 hour movies I recorded
6 months ago (in v0.16) and when I try to play them on my remote FE it
gets to around the 10 minute mark and then Myth tells me I've reached
the end of the recording and I get the 'do you want to delete...'
prompt. It is very consistent and always ends at the same spot. The
weird thing though, is that the same recordings play fine on the
combination fe/be machine. Both machines are currently running FC3 &
Myth 0.18.1.

     I'm not seeing any blatant error type messages in the logs,
though I'm not sure it I know what to look for. What -v option should
I use? I've reinstalled FC3 et al on the frontend machine recently and
the machine was up to date as of last week. I've tried to copy the
"bad" recordings from the backend to the frontend and play them
directly with xine and still encounter the same problem, xine thinks
they are ~10 minutes long.

     There is a second problem I am also having with the FE that does
not seem to effect the fe/be which may or may not be related. On the
FE, often when playing recordings which are longer than ~90min, once I
reach approximately the 90 minute mark commercial
skipping/skipping/FF/RW stops working. I can manually skip ahead, but
the screen becomes very pixelated and the image freezes for a moment
before slowly dissolving into the next scene. The skipping gets
progressively worse, freezing for longer and longer periods of time
until eventually it stops working entirely. When this happens the
total time for the show will increase. For example if I am watching a
two hour recording and try to skip ahead 10 minutes Myth might show
the total time for the show as 2:10:00. This same behavior occurs when
fast forwarding.

When this error occurs I do see messages in the log saying:
     "GetNextFreeFrame() served a busy frame"
and less frequently:
     "ac-tex damaged"

Does anyone have any idea what would cause these problems which only
seem to occur on the remote FE? I'm a relative noob and am rapidly
running out of ideas.

thanks in advance, 

Frontend specs:
MSI K7N2GM2-LSR motherboard w/on board GeForce4 & s-video out
Athlon XP 1800
256MB ram
120GB HD
FC3 & MythTV 0.18.1

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