[mythtv-users] MythTV and Sky

David myth at dgreaves.com
Mon Jun 13 20:59:12 UTC 2005

I also use the xmltv feeds and a homemade lirc transmitter receiver.

I built a box for a friend and he's ordered a couple of these:

not arrived yet but I'll let you know.

$25 each for a kit

also see:


We don't watch live TV anymore and haven't seen an ad for over 12 months now.
(Apparently we've missed some good ones - shrug!)


Simon Kenyon wrote:

>On Monday 13 June 2005 14:38, Peter Clarke wrote:
>>>Pete, I'm using myth with Sky,
>>>I'm having a few issues, and that is actually getting the program
>>>into the database properly.
>>>If you have any success at this, please give me a shout and tell me how
>>>did it. (:
>>Will do :-)
>>Other than that, how is it working out for you?
>>How do you cope with channel changing? - I am looking into this piece of
>>kit for remote:
>i use a redremote (google is your friend)
>it is similar to the skyeye but uses an IR sender to control the digibox
>i also have a modded tivo to rf2 box which i've converted to serial and use 
>lirc to control that.
>channel changing is easy (slow but easy)
>get the program guide is just question of getting the right xmltv ids into the 
>i posted all my config files (except for my channel list (enclosed) last week.
>note that i live in ireland so the channel lineup is a tiny bit different
>the channels you want are in the range 2101 to 2846.
>the lineup has changed in the last few weeks, so it needs a bit of tweaking

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