[mythtv-users] preliminary setup questions (mythTV + SA3250 + firewire)

Joe Schmoe non_secure at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 13 20:39:52 UTC 2005


First, let me say that I will not be using mythTV, or
the system that I run mythTV on, to watch content, or
view video of any kind.  My mythTV system will be a
rackmount server with no monitor attached sitting in
my closet.

Everything seems pretty straightforward to me - I just
want to make sure of a few things before I commit to
building and installing all of this.

My questions:

1. I have a Scientific Atlanta SA3250 with enabled
firewire ports.  Is mythTV support for automatic
recording of HD and SD channels through the firewire
port completely nailed down, or is it still
experimental or buggy ?

2. Since I don't get analog only channels through the
firewire port, will mythTV support both a firewire
input (for the digital SD and HD channels) and a
Hauppage PVR-350 for the analog channels ?  If so,
will I have to run two seperate guides, or can you
tell it "this tuner only gets these channels, and this
tuner only gets those channels" ?

3. I think my SA3250 will have more than one firewire
port - can I plug two of them into my server and
record two simultanous SD shows ?  With my PVR-350,
that would be 3 total tuners, right ?

4. Since I will not be using my mythTV system to watch
video or playback in any way, is there any drawback to
running mythTV on this system under freeBSD ?  I
figure since file I/O is essentially all I am doing,
that there wont be any drawbacks or loss of
functionality by using freebsd instead of linux.

5. Will mythTV + SA3250 + working firewire allow me to
change channels over firewire when recording off of
it?  I really want to not do the lame IR dongle hack

Any other comments or suggestions _greatly


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