[mythtv-users] Considering MythTV, curious about relativeWAF.

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Mon Jun 13 19:21:40 UTC 2005

>>>Overall my wife is marginally happy. She is terrified to touch it
>>>because it crashes every time, well almost every time. So for me it
> is
>>>going to take time to get her more confident using it. Again, I
> must
>>>be the only dumbass on the list.
>>Nah, I'm a dumbass too... just an inventive one :)
>>FYI, my script is as follows;
>>[root at mythtv bin]# vi checkbackend.sh
>>STATUS=`ps -e |grep $PROG |grep -v grep | wc -l | awk '{print $1}'`
>>if [ $STATUS -eq 0 ]
>>       ( /sbin/service $PROG start )
>>       `date >> /var/log/mythtv/restartlog.log`
>>exit 0
>>It's in /usr/local/bin and is scheduled in CRON to run every minute.
>>Nice and simple.
> If the backend happens to crash, do your frontends 
> automatically reconnect?  Whenever my backend crashes, 
> I need to tell my frontends to reconnect.
I have a similar script that checks for the backend PID once a minute 
and if it is not there it restarts it. This was only because of the 
mythweb delete or reschedule that was killing my backend. Since cvs of a 
few weeks ago that problem has gone away along with (I think) a fix that 
lets the frontends reconnect without complaining.

- James

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