[mythtv-users] Up and Down keys and seeking

Xiaotian Sun sun.xiaotian at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 19:06:35 UTC 2005

On 6/13/05, Isaac Richards <ijr at case.edu> wrote:

> That's exactly the reasoning.  When you read, down is forward, up is back.
> It's not bound to 'Up' and 'Down', though - it's reusing the channel
> up/channel down keys (which happen to be bound to the up + down arrows by
> default).
> They're just alternate keys, anyway - I'd think most remotes would have
> dedicated seek buttons.

I of course understand the reasoning, but isn't it counter-intuitive?

Though most remotes have seeking keys, they are usually not as big,
and not as convenient to push,  as the navigation keys, which is what
we're talking about here.

Then why mythtv guys bind "Up" to channel up and "Down" to channel
down?  Because it's intuitive.  I believe the same should be applied
to seeking.  After all, the video is not a document.  In documents,
the earlier part is located in the upper part of the screen, but not
in video.


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