[mythtv-users] mythweb conf.php example, please

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Mon Jun 13 18:14:47 UTC 2005

> I don't believe it's on by default, and normally people would not want
> to turn this on unless they only plan to ever host one domain on their
> web server.  All my web servers host multiple domains, if for no other
> reason than you want to have a "testing" domain to try out new versions
> of a web site first before you make them live at the "real" domain.

It's not on by default, which is why the README says to turn it on, but 
what does that have to do with only running one domain?  Turning this on 
merely tells apache to pass the ServerName setting (from the virtual 
host or whatever) into scripts so that they know WHICH virtual host 
they're talking to.  Otherwise, all they get is an IP (I'm slightly 
wrong about this -- read below)

> So I am curious.  I have not run into other programs that have a cookie
> problem without turning on canonicalnames.  Is there some issue with
> PHP I'm not aware of that leads you to this recommendation?

Maybe I'm missing another server variable that has the hostname in it. 
In my experience, either you have to manually configure a cookie domain, 
or you need canonical names turned on for auto-detection to work.

Anyway, as I look at the apache docs again, it looks like maybe this 
field doesn't need to be enabled (and in fact, mythweb might work better 
with it off).

I'll experiment with this some more, but either way, the default 
server_name autodetect stuff in mythweb should be fine.


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