[mythtv-users] HDTV channels chopped video on Motorola 6200

Jon Breazile breazile at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 13 10:13:23 UTC 2005

I'm running 0.18.1 with a Motorola 6200 (Comcast) connected via firewire. I
can watch TV
just fine (SD analog & digital channels), but when I tune to HD channels
some video is 
missing on the right side of the screen, and I see a pink stripe instead. It
seems as though 
Myth does not switch out of 4:3 mode, and go to 16:9 mode when I see the
high def channels. 
How do I fix this? Changing the display mode only stretches the same video
in different ways, 
but I'm still missing the right side of the 16:9 picture. My 6200 is
configured to output 720p,
but changing the settings do not seem to affect the firewire output at all.
I'm wondering if this
is a problem with Myth changing between SD & HD, or if it is the firewire on
the 6200. Any
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