[mythtv-users] edit custom record rules

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Jun 13 00:02:13 UTC 2005

Craig Betts wrote:
> Hello,
>     Is there any way that I can see/edit the custom recording rules
> that I've previously given mythtv?  They're all working great now, but
> I can see the possibility of wanting to edit or delete them in the
> future.

The SQL string is stored in the description field of the record
rule and is shown on the options page when it does not refer to
a specific showing. This happens on the priorities page. Go to
"Recording Priorities", highlight the title and press SELECT (Enter
or Space) or "I"NFO. You will see the rule but it may be truncated
if it is several lines long. The surefire way to see all your power
search rules is;

$ mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg
mysql> select title,description from record where search=1\G

To delete a rule, simply go to the recording options page and change
the record type option to "Do not record this program". This will
remove the rule from anywhere you can get to the options page not
just the priorities page.

I'd originally planned to allow editing existing rules but never
got around to it. The few times I've needed to make a change I've
removed the current rule and created a new version but I agree that 
this is more work than necessary. Maybe there should be a way to
bring up the custom page with a current rule pre-loaded. I'll look
into it.

--  bjm

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