[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend wont run (was: upgrade problems)

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sun Jun 12 16:53:24 UTC 2005

> I have just upgraded from .17 to .18.1 using atrpms. When I 
> rebooted. I can't get mythfrontend to run. I also can't get 
> mythtv-setup to run. It opens the background and freezes in 
> mythfrontend. In mythtv-setup it gives me the first 2 
> questions about clearing the channels and the card data once 
> i ghave answered those it freezes. There are no underlying 
> windows or anything else.

My system acts the same however if you allow it to set there for a minute or
two the next screen comes up. Its doing alot of mysql requests in the
background. You do have mysql running don't you? Another thing to try would
be to back up your database, drop the table and recreate from the template
that comes with the release.

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