[mythtv-users] No wakeup anymore? Worked in 0.18

Fredrik Karlsson dargosch at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 07:08:13 UTC 2005


I had the automatic wakeup feature working in 0.16-0.18. After having
reinstalled everything and therefore installed 0.18.1 I cannot get it
to work.

blockSDWUwithoutClient  0       NULL
idleTimeoutSecs 60      NULL
idleWaitForRecordingTime        30      NULL
StartupSecsBeforeRecording      120     NULL
WakeupTimeFormat        time_t  NULL
SetWakeuptimeCommand    /usr/local/bin/nvram-wakeup  -A -s $time        NULL
ServerHaltCommand       /sbin/halt -p   NULL
preSDWUCheckCommand             NULL

The commands given by themselves at the command prompt gives the
decired results.
Any ideas what I should do?


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