[mythtv-users] IOData LinkPlayer2 observations after 2 days

Mudit Wahal mwahal at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 05:02:33 UTC 2005

Hi All,

Background: started recording OTA stuff using HD3000 since last 1
month. Backend is Semprom 3000+, 512mb ddr, GeForce2 mx440 card. The
playback is fine on the backend. But I was looking for something for
the frontend.

Requirements: Small quiet footprint frontend to play HDTV which
doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Primary requirement: Play ATSC
(MPEG2-TS) stream.

I'm not really hungup on running mythtv frontend. I'm using myth
backend to record, remove commercials, archive movies/photos/dvd etc.
I really dont care how I view them as long as I can view them and the
system cost is cheap. The PC cost (cromwell, quiet case, etc) is about
$600. I was not willing to spend more than $300.

I was looking at Roku HD1000 for quite a few months. Then I found
about IOData AVeL Link Player 2 and Buffalo Link Theater from
avsforum. Both are network dvd players with capabilities to play ATSC
stream (although buffalo admits they have hard time playing ATSC
stream). AVeL is about 1 yr ahead of Buffalo and very good in bring
out new firmware.

So, I bought the Link Player 2 for about $260, hooked it up yesterday,
installed the wizd linux server, configured it to point to the right
directories for video etc ! And viola !! I was watching programs I've
recorded in full 720p/1080i (Star Wars Episode II) !!!

Sure, its not a replacement for frontend. I cant change the channels
right now from the LP2. I'll work on righting some scripts. LP2 has a
web browser builtin. So technically, I can  write some scripts to
change channel, etc. It'll be a round about and not as simple as using
mythtv frontend. I can probably use an RF remote and make a link to
the ringbuffer as a file.

But I'm more interested in using mythtv as a media server and not
necessarily as a LiveTV/Pause/FF/REW. So, I'm very happy considering
the overall cost and features :-)


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