[mythtv-users] help with knoppmyth

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Sun Jun 12 03:19:32 UTC 2005


Ricardo Kleemann wrote:

> Hi,
> Sorry this maybe a little off-topic, but I installed knoppmyth and I'm 
> trying to install other apps on top of it. Knoppmyth is based on 
> debian, which I'm not too familiar with.
Why not use the KnoppMyth forum?  This is after all the MythTV mailing list.

> Has anyone been able to install Gnome on knoppmyth? What about firefox?
Firefox yes, GNOME no.

> I tried apt-get install gnome but it complains about dependencies. I 
> tried installing other dependent packages, but still more dependency 
> problems.
apt-get -f install

> Anyone know how to get it to work? I'm assuming it must be some 
> problem with knoppmyth configuation?
Why may that assumption?  Simply put, KnoppMyth makes installing Linux 
and MythTV very easy.  We don't make anything KnoppMyth specific.  We 
don't break anything so you cannot install what you want.  If it works 
w/ Linux, it should work with KnoppMyth.  Keep in mind, KnoppMyth is 
meant to be used as on a set-top box.  While I'm like GNOME (and you 
should be able to install the Debian way), it makes no sense on a PVR.

> Thanks
> Ricardo



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