[mythtv-users] Considering MythTV, curious about relative WAF.

Darren Richards darren.richards at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 02:24:18 UTC 2005

> You know, I think a lot of the reliability of MythTV comes from the components you use, how good you are at integrating them and so forth. I have a box I built from older but good quality components, and my reliability is excellent. About the only time it actually breaks is when I fiddle with it and break it!
> There are a few annoyances; I still have random failures of the mythbackend service for no obvious reason... but I implemented a little script that checks if mythbackend is running once a minute and restarts it if not. Usually a minor inconvenience since it only fails every few days if at all.

I completely agree that the reliability of Mythtv depends on a number
of factors, not the least of which being the hardware that is used.  I
have had my backend server on two different machines during the past
18 months: the old server was a Dell 700 MHz pentium3, and currently
I'm using an athlon 1800+ with the Dell as a frontend.  While the
script you wrote to check every minute and restart the backend is
clever, many hardware configuations are stable enough not to require
that.  In the 18 months I've had mythtv running (24/7), I can only
recall *one* occasion where the backend just inexplicably stopped.

The only hardware glitch I seem to have is about every 6 months, one
of my pvr250/350 cards will stop capturing, and I can only cure that
with a reboot.  Strange, but since it's only happened twice in the
past 18 months, so I haven' t worried too much about it...

At my house, MythTV has definitely transcended "hobby" status, and is
something my wife and kids can't live without...


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