[mythtv-users] MythTV Choppy, No Sound

Grand Demon granddemon at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 23:37:02 UTC 2005

I recently installed KnoppMyth today, and the install went fine. When
I finally got to the mythtv frontend and pressed "Watch TV" however, I
was disappointed with terrible frame rates and no audio (reminds me of
playing Doom 3 on my old computer).

I first suspected KnoppMyth's configurations caused the problems, so I
restarted and ran mythtv-setup manually, and mythfilldatabase and let
that run through. Once that was done I manually started the backend
server and then ran the myth tv frontend. The same problem persists,

I know I am doing something wrong under Myth TV (and not system-wide)
because audio works fine from other programs (mplayer), and I can
watch TV using xawtv with perfect clarity and frame rate.

When setting up, I kept all of the default settings. The channel
frequency is set to us-cable, which is the same thing that I use under
xawtv with perfect results. Any ideas why this would be acting so

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