[mythtv-users] Playback problem on M10k - Unable tocreateXvMCBlocks

Simon G Haslam simon at theHaslam.org.uk
Sat Jun 11 10:33:50 UTC 2005

> My frontend is now giving me the XvMC-VLD option.
> I've now got both
> the XvMC option and the XvMC-VLD options selected,

>>Why? You only need the later.

Ok, I've now only got the XvMC-VLD option selected, but I still get the same
as soon as I try to watch LiveTv or a recording, the entire system locks up
with a blank screen
and I have to reboot.  The entire system is crash, I can no longer connect
via the network.

I can't understand why this is appearing to be so difficault to get working,
when I've read comments from other
people saying that its working fine for them!

I know that mythbackend is working fine.  I have managed to record a
program.  I can go into the
playback recording window and see a small preview of the recording and that
works fine.  Its only
when I try watch it that it crashes.

I can also watch the recording using  Xine -V XvMC and selecting the nuv

FYI: I'm using the VGA output to connect to my TFT Monitor (Resolution
1280,1024).  Kernel 2.6.9.

Anyone got any ideas?



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