[mythtv-users] Mythstream Tips Tricks

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 07:55:15 UTC 2005

> I highly recommend just putting a direct link in there.  It seems that
> MythStream has some problems recognizing the handlers (i.e. icecast.pl,
> shoutcast.pl, etc.).  I have MythStream and StreamTuned installed, and
> when I run StreamTuned attached to my database storage, it uses the
> handler without any problems.  When I run MythStream attached to the
> exact same database storage, it doesn't run the handler, but uses a
> generic "HTML" handler and just spits out every single link in the page
> (so I have to skip over 20 or so links to find the one I need).
> For example, I recommend going to SHOUTcast and finding a radio station
> you'd be interested in hearing.  Then, right-click on the "Tune In"
> button and copy the link location.  Paste that URL (the one ending with
> "playlist.pls") as the URL for your stream.

I'm finding MythStream extremely difficult to get working. I don't
know whether it's me or the user interface but I still haven't had one
successful stream yet. I took your advice and pasted some URLs from
shoutcast.com into my streams.res file as follows:

Phills Radio
Club 977 - 80s

Phills Radio
Club 977 - Top 40

Phills Radio
Vocal Trance

When I go into MythStream I use right arrow to go to the tab called
"Phills Radio", press Enter on one of the radio stations which then
shows me a tab called "harvest" with a list of http URLs with IP

When I navigate to one of these and press Enter the top of the screen
shows "no stream" in yellow writing and then "no data received" and
then idle".

Surely I must be doing something wrong here - it can't be this hard!?!
If someone could please post their streams.res file, or even just an
extract that they know works, that would be a big help.


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