[mythtv-users] How do you connect your mythtv to the tv?

Oscar Curero oscar at naiandei.net
Sat Jun 11 00:40:27 UTC 2005


First off all,although this is my first email to the list, I've been reading 
it for a while.

I have a couple of questions:

*How do you connect the capture card to the tv?
The TV (Sony widescreen) has three SCART inputs, three S-Video inputs (shared 
with the SCART inputs), and the analog antenna input.

*How do you change the channel?
I mean, if you change the channel directly from the tv, how does the computer 
know what channel are you watching now? If I connect the TV directly to the 
antenna without using the pvr-350, then I couldn't use neither LiveTV nor EPG 
unless I use another SCART connection for myhtv, right?.

Now, the TV is connected with a SCART connection to the satellite receiver 
(not Free To Air, needed a subscription card with a valid key) and also the 
TV is connected to the VCR with a coaxial cable. Then, the VCR is 
connected to the antenna cable coming from the roof of my house (sorry for 
the ascii art):

 _____     (SCART)
 |  TV   |<-----<------< Satellite Receiver
  --- ----                __|             |^
     |                      |                 |^
     |^                     |              Dish
     |^ (coaxial)       |            
 __|___                | (SCART)
 |           |--<---<----<
 |  VCR  | <-<--<---<----<-----<-- Antenna
 |           |

I would like to replace the video with mythtv (backend and frontend, but 
without losing anything.

Greetings from Spain, 
Oscar Curero - Linux user: 306877
--    GPG keyID: 0xE0EA0B24    -- 
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