[mythtv-users] Really Bad performance

Jim Turpin mythtv at jimturpin.com
Fri Jun 10 18:27:44 UTC 2005

In my experience a hard drive making a "crunching" noise as you put it
typically a bad thing....I'd look at your drives and make sure they aren't
hosed...or nearing the hosed stage

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Cyber Source wrote:

> Hello all,
>  I wonder if anyone can help. I've got the latest MythTV running on an 
> AverMedia PCI Tuner card with a SCSI based system. I have had similar 
> setups on other systems with the same type of TV card and SCSI drives 
> but this one is REALLY bad performance. Live TV starts and stops all 
> the time as your watching it, it just pauses then picks up again and 
> when it does that I can hear the hard drive crunch etc. Not really 
> getting anything in the logs like bttv module being reset so I don't 
> really know where to look. Any one have some ideas? Thanks, Peter

"SCSI based system." doesn't tell us anything.  What motherboard, 
processor, etc. Do you have?

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