[mythtv-users] Pentium M

gad at jetcom.org gad at jetcom.org
Fri Jun 10 13:35:13 UTC 2005

Quoting 4of11 at comcast.net:

> Does anybody have any experience with Pentium M processors?  I'm 
> thinking about getting an M based computer to use as a diskless 
> combination slave-backend/frontend.  Any ideas as to how many Mhz 
> I'll need to accomplish this with SD MPEG4 software encoding?  I 
> understand that the M is more powerful per Mhz than the Pentium 4, 
> but I'm not sure how much so.  Also, while I don't have any HD stuff 
> now, I'd like to make sure it's future compatible, so how much power 
> would I need to decode one 1080i HD stream?

I'm used it successfully on a 2.0 Pentium M, with no problems decoding 
HD on there. My 1.3 M laptop does not decode 1080i successfully, it 
works for 720p ( tho the wireless will drop out :( )

I'm guessing the sweet spot is the 1.8 MHz, tho I should try on my 
fiancee's 1.6 some day when she isn't looking.

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