[mythtv-users] Audio Troubles

Blue bluevoid at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 16:28:53 UTC 2005

Alright, I know this is the most frequently asked problem and I have
skimmed over countless threads on the issue, but none that fit my
problem exactly.

I have a Win TV capture card and I have it looping from the cap card
line out to the audio card line in.  Then my speakers hook into the
audio cards line out.  The audio is off by about 2 seconds if I have
Line unmuted.  If I turn "record" on for Line I hear double audio (one
in sync, the other the regular 2 seconds ahead).  If I then try to
mute line, I get no audio.  It won't let me record if it is muted.
I've tried just about all combinations of turning on record and muting
in alsamixer to no avail.  In the capture setting part of alsamixer
(f4 for me), there are no bars... I mean I can't adjust volume or
anything.  I could never get xawtv to work.. not just the audio but
the whole deal.. I don't think its related.  I do use TvTime and
everything works fine with that.

I tried running the speakers directly to the tuner's line out, and
there was still a delay (albiet a lesser one).


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