[mythtv-users] Re: LiveTV no longer fullscreen

R.Goff gumby at leemingwireless.net
Thu Jun 9 09:35:34 UTC 2005


I did manage to get it resolved, it seems it was a problem with fvwm2

I switched to ratpoison and that seems to work fine

'apt-get install ratpoison' should work if you have debian, then its 
just a matter of altering your .xinitrc to suit. I also had some success 
by running X with no wm at all after following the guide at 

But after i did that i had some problems with buttons not highlighting 
and such, so i switched to ratpoison, which seems to work better.

Ive cc'ed this to the list so that people searching through the list 
archive can find the solution i used as well



Paul Kasianides wrote:

> Hi Raal,
> I just upgraded my MythTV from .17 to .18.1 and also am having 
> problems with liveTV and recordings portion being played in a window 
> instead of fullscreen....as it was prior to my upgrade.  I've messed 
> with the gui-playback settings within the Setup; however, it has not 
> corrected the issue.  Did you get your problem resolved?  If so, how?  
> It seems like it may be an Xwindows issue; however, I'm not sure why 
> liveTV goes into a window-mode and back out of window-mode when I ESC 
> to the recordings menu again.  Perhaps something in my SQL is 
> dorked....I dunno.
> pk
> -- 
> Paul Kasianides

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