[mythtv-users] Re: Myxer Update - This time its a BIG one! (and probably the last one for a while....)

Dave Hofstra dhofstra at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 04:31:36 UTC 2005

I have just recieved the FIRST user-submitted style.  Sasha Z found a
combination that worked well, and I have updated the MyxerCustomizer
Script to include it as a pre-built skin.

Check it out, it's called 'Sasha_Z_Favorite' in #7
"Apply_Pre-Built_Skin_Sets" area.

This is just the kind of thing I'd like to see a bunch of people do! 
Thanks alot Sasha Z!

You can download the whole updated theme, and see a screenshot of
Sasha Z 's Favorite here:


If you already downloaded the whole thing on 06/08 and are sick of all
my updates lately, or if you are on  narrowband and dont want to
download the whole thing for a skin addition, I am providing a link to
just the MyxerCustomizer.sh script.  Just download it and replace the
/Myxer/MyxerCustomizer.sh script with the updated one from the
website.  (You would have to have the version with the bluetwo stuff
for this to work properly)  This link is also provided on the webpage
listed above


-Dave Hofstra

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