[mythtv-users] Re: DirectTV D10 Receiver - channel problems

Marshall Crocker marshall at iconux.org
Thu Jun 9 00:55:04 UTC 2005

Doesn't work at all for me.  I compiled with DRIVER=d10-200 and this is 
the output I got when executing the program:

[root at antec:trunk]$./satcontrol -s
Current Date: 6-8 Time: 19:27
Satellite strength is 78.
Current Channel is 247
[root at antec:trunk]$./satcontrol -c 14
Error sending key F1
[root at antec:trunk]$./satcontrol -c 209
Error sending key F0
[root at antec:trunk]$./satcontrol -c 4
Error sending key EE
[root at antec:trunk]$

Whenever I tried a channel with less than three digits I could see a 0 
come up on the screen but then it quickly disappeared.   The other 
channels did nothing other than return the error.  The directv.pl script 
was working for me by putting a 0 before the channel number but now it 
doesn't work.  The only way I change the channel is to use the command 
type for the channel change command:

directv.pl box_type D10-200 channel_change_type command setup_channel 
last_param key select 247

I'm using a D10-100 so that may have something to do with it but I don't 
know.  I'm gonna keep playing with the directv script since its easier 
to try different combinations of commands.  I'll use whatever works so 
keep trying and let me know if I can help.


Jim Gifford wrote:
> Ok, I think I've fixed satcontrol to work with d10-200. Here is a link 
> to the current testing version
> http://svn.jg555.com/dl.php?repname=satcontrol&path=%2Ftrunk%2F&rev=0&isdir=1 
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