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I seem to recall having a problem with CBC/channel 6 that appeared to be
related to SAP, but I didn't look further. I have not seen anything specific
about selecting a secondary audio program, but it might be a specific PVR250
card setting.

Maybe someone can suggest something in that light.

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Hello Andrew,

I have the exact same problem you are having! The first show of
Coronation Street at 19h00 records perfectly, but occasionally (say 5
to 10%) the second show at 19h30 records without sound! It always
amazes me when I find somebody on the mailing list with the *exact*
same problem I'm seeing. I live in Vancouver, Canada, and Coronation
Street airs on CBC, Shaw (analog) Cable channel 3. I have a single
capture card, a Hauppauge PVR 250. Did you find a solution to your

MythTV 0.18 (mdz's Debian package)
ivtv-fw-enc.bin 1.8.22037 (md5sum ab75947ef1b086e26f9b08e628baa02e)
ivtv 0.2.0-rc3j
Linux  2.6.11


On 5/18/05, Andrew Nash <julesgabrielverne at gmail.com> wrote:
> I live in Toronto, CBC is on Rogers cable channel 6.
> My sound on this channel is intermittent.
> Sometimes it records sound, sometimes it doesn't.
> All other channels ALWAYS give sound (okay 99% of the time)
> My system has 2 Hauppauge 250 cards, of different vintages (on e new,
> one old bought off ebay.
> I don't think I have been able to figure out if the non-sound only
> happens one of the cards or not. I know I tried forcing CBC to tape on
> each card, and I think the problem persisted.
> What is frustrating (especially to my wife,) is that I'll tape 2
> Coronation Street episodes back to back on CBC (i.e. 30 minutes at
> 7pm, and then 30 minutes at 7:30pm) and the 2nd one will have no sound
> while the first one had sound.
> (in this case, only 1 card was recording at 7pm but both cards were
> recording at 730..i.e. coronation on 6 + jeopardy on 8)
> I have just graduated from Fedora core 2, with older ivtv drivers, and
> am now Fedora core 3 with brand new (7124?) ivtv drivers. I'm hoping
> this problem will no longer happen.... will let you know... ANdrew
> PS this is the first thread I saw which mentioned my specific "channel
> 6" no sound problem.... interesting!
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