[mythtv-users] RGB to S-Video convertor

Steve Christall mythtv at mctubster.com
Wed Jun 8 18:06:08 UTC 2005

Simon Kenyon wrote:
> anyone know of a circuit that i can build (using components that are readily 
> available). commercial devices are about $100, which is steep.
> my sat receiver outputs RGB and my 350 only has S-Video input
> regards
Simon, if you are talking about Sky, I sold my Composite + RGB only Sky 
box on ebay for 50 and bought a Grundig Composite + SVideo + RGB box 
for 20.  All in the timing they say.

Didn't want to have another box (and power supply), not to mention the 
level of compression that Sky performs on the broadcasts means that you 
don't really get any benefit from RGB (even direct to the display) over 
SVideo .. my experience anyway

Please ignore all of above if you are not using Sky!


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