AW: [mythtv-users] Help With xorg.conf and S-Video Setup

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Wed Jun 8 07:00:23 UTC 2005

On 6/7/2005 11:43 PM Jochen Kühner wrote:

>If your tv can do svideo, try to set it fix in the xorg.conf
>Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
>And set your TV STandart:
>Option "TVStandard" "PAL-B" 
>For Germany
Thank you.  According to the nvidia readme, this is only necessary if 
not auto detected and not NTSC.  However I tried your suggestion anyway 
but it had no effect as I use NTSC and the SVideo was properly detected.

Other fiddling around has produced better results, although still not as 
good as SVideo direct from my DirecTV receiver.  I used the app at to calculate a modeline for 640x480 with a 
vertical refresh of 59.94.  I used 59.94 as it seemed to be the rate of 
choice in many xorg.conf file examples I found via Google.  Then I 
installed nvtv to further tweak my settings.  This command *almost* 
works for me 'nvtv -t -r 640,480 -s Huge -S NTSC'.  The picture is just 
a little "big".  Running the nvtv GUI and shifting the horizontal 
placement by '2' makes it almost perfect.  There is probably 1 or 2 
lines outside of the viewing area on both the right and left sides.  I 
wish I knew how to do this on the command line (if it's even possible).

So overall, the picture is pretty good.  I suspect I may have hit the 
maximum capabilities of my GeForce2 card.  Can anyone tell me if the 
SVideo Out quality of newer cards is better?  Or should I just get one 
of the VGA to component adapters to get good quality?  Or maybe a 
combination of both would really take advantage of my widescreen TV?  
Now all I can get is the standard 4:3 aspect ratio.  I just don't want 
to spend the money unless I know it will really make a difference.



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