[mythtv-users] Re: DirectTV D10 Receiver - channel problems

Marshall Crocker marshall at iconux.org
Wed Jun 8 05:48:11 UTC 2005

I just finished making my own directv serial cable (did it for about $7 
with parts from the shack) and saw this thread.  I'm using the 
directv.pl script and it works fine for me. To make it change to 
channels below 100 I have to prefix the channel number with a 0 (i.e. 
directv.pl box_type D10-200 on last_param delay .2 key exit 014).  This 
works fine from the command line but mythtv doesn't add the 0 even if 
you manually enter 014.  Shouldn't be too hard to change the script to 
insert a zero if the channel number is less than 3 digits.

Just thought I would point that out since there haven't been any more 
replies.  This email won't appear as part of the original thread since I 
didn't subscribe to the mailing list until after the last email.


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 >    What is the full number of your box?  My script at
 > http://www.pdp8.net/directv/directv.shtml
 > can change channels by sending remote keys.  The D10-200 box
 > I have will lockup sometimes with the normal channel change
 > command so I added support to change channel by sending the
 > remote keys instead of the channel change command.
 > Try the script with the channel change command string
 > directv.pl channel_change_type key setup_channel
 > for manual testing add the channel number at the end.
 > If you have a d10-200 box you will need box_type d10-200 also
 > before the setup channel.
 > You can also try without the channel_change_type key but I
 > expect it will work the same as the other scripts.
 > I only have a D10-200 so haven't tested on other boxes so
 > would be interested in if it does work.  I attempted to not
 > break support for other boxes as I added the additional stuff.

Interesting enough this script works but the satcontrol-0.02 only works
for channels greater than 102 (I contacted the author).

Works fine
./directv.pl  box_type D10-200 port /dev/ttyS0 6

Changes the channel to 6 on the guide but then kills the process leaving you
on the same channel
./directv.pl  channel_change_type key box_type D10-200  port /dev/ttyS0
setup_channel 6

Produces an error for channels < 102
./directv.pl  port /dev/ttyS0 6
Error excessive retries
./directv.pl  port /dev/ttyS0 102

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