[mythtv-users] adjusting playback and live TV picture

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Wed Jun 8 04:59:23 UTC 2005

Now that I have MythTV working on my system, it's time to ask some more
mundane questions.

According to the documentation, the F key is supposed to bring up the
picture adjustments (brightness, hue, etc.) but when I hit the F key,
nothing happens. The G key works while on live TV, and I can adjust the
picture so that it looks good, but the documentation says that the G key
is only supposed to affect recording. I've got one recording that I've
already made where the hue is way off (purple faces, turning the hue
down to about 8% while watching this channel live makes the color look
right) and I would like to be able to make this adjustment during
playback (I don't really know if the adjustments I have made with the G
key will stick or affect future recordings the way I think they should).
Unfortunately, on my system, when I press the F key during playback, or
while watching live TV, nothing happens. Is there anything I can do to
diagnose what is wrong? Other keyboard keys do appear to work although I
can't say I tested every single one. The F key is the only one I've
really needed that doesn't work.

As always, thanks for any help.


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