[mythtv-users] Help With xorg.conf and S-Video Setup

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Wed Jun 8 02:12:12 UTC 2005

On 6/7/2005 6:37 PM Colin Humphreys wrote:

> Drew Tomlinson wrote:
>>        Option      "RenderAccel" "1"
> Try turning RenderAccel off. I rememeber some lockups caused by that.

That seems to help.  Now if I can just get the picture better...

> Also what resolution is the screen running at? Try reducing it to try 
> and improve the quality of your picture.

Whatever the default is.  I think 800x600.  I've fiddled with nvtv and 
some modes the picture looks better than others.  However none of the 
predefined modes are good for me.  I believe that if I understood how to 
tweak the modeline setting in xorg.conf, I could get a good picture.  
Right now, the picture looks "washed out" and the X window doesn't fill 
the screen.  On the TV, there's a good 2 inches on the right and left.  
A little more on the right because the picture is also off center.  The 
bottom is cut off slightly and there's a good inch or so at the top.

Any suggestions as to a guide to understanding modelines?  Or am I way 
off base.



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