[mythtv-users] Commercial Flagging, Cut Lists, and Transcoding...

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Jun 8 02:04:18 UTC 2005

> As I understand it, commercial flagging is on by default, but to add a

Whether to run flagging for a recording is controlled by the recording's
schedule configuration.  You can run flagging for some shows and not for
others.  The default value of this is configurable in the setup area on
the frontend.

> cut list based on the flagging, you need to do this manually. Also, it
> may be a good idea to check the commercial flagging, to make sure it
> is correct and does not cut any of the actual program.

If you trust the flagger enough (and I don't even though I wrote 95% of
the current detection code), you could always create a User Job to
run "mythcommflag --chanid %CHANID% --starttime %STARTTIME% --gencutlist"
and that would copy the previously generated commercial break list to
the cutlist.

The commercial skip list is stored in the recordedmarkup table along with
other information about the recording such as seektable info if it is
a mpeg2 recording.  The cutlist is stored in the recorded table in the
cutlist field.  I never got around to moving the cutlist into the
recordedmarkup table even though I initially planned on it when I added
the flagger and created that table.

> program. However, some of these bars are surrounded by silver 'T's.
> Some have a silver 'T' on one side or the other, and some have none at
> all. What does it all mean?

The T is probably supposed to be there at the start/end of the cut
portions, but may not be displaying for one reason or another.


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