[mythtv-users] Re: firewire recording problems

Robert Karaffa rkaraff at emory.edu
Wed Jun 8 00:14:33 UTC 2005

	You might have to recompile the 6200ch.c binary and hardcode the 
"node" to 2, that's what I had to do to get my DCT6200 to work on my 
KnoppMyth system.
There's a firewire/1394 app called gscanbus 
(http://www.linux1394.org/start_test.php) that you can run in X to 
determine the node of your DCT6400 (I had trouble figuring out how to 
interpret the gscanbus reports...you may not, but good luck anyway!).
I took a look at 6200ch.c in a text editor, found the only reference to 
"node", changed it from "0" to "2", saved it, re-compiled 6200ch.c and 
it worked.  (I think, it's been awhile since I did this and I stupidly 
didn't take notes).

That should make things work for you, I'm pretty sure.

-Bob K.

> Firewire Model: DCT-6200
> Firewire Connection Type: Point to Point and Broadcast (I've tried 
> both)
> Firewire Port: 0
> Firewire Node: 1
> Firewire Speed: 100Mbps
> Default Input: MPEG2TS

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