[mythtv-users] Looking to build my first MythTV box--in search of advice!

Peter Schmitt pschmitt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 23:22:04 UTC 2005

I am going to build a MythTV system for the following:
-PVR (I dont watch TV too much, but this would be nice to have once in a while)
-playing NES roms
-playing DVDs
-local fileserver, local webserver hosting pictures (with Gallery

I am currently in the possession of:
ATX case
dell-style motherboard running Pheonix bios
Pentium 2, 450-mhz processor
288mb ram
GeForce MX 440
hard drive space isn't a problem. (I currently have a spare 40 Gig and
I'm willing to move a 200 Gb drive from my main desktop)

First question:  Will this be powerful enough for what I want?  I'm
really concerned with horrible performance for the PVR.

Second question: I know I need some additional hardware.  First things
that come to my mind are (1) a remote and (2) a TV-tuner.  I dont want
the most expensive hardware in the world, I just want something that
will work well with my setup.

Third question:  Is Debian Testing a decent distro to use for MythTV?

If it would not be too expensive (i.e. Less than ~300), I would
consider building a new PC in a mini-ITX case.  Is this possible for >
300ish?  If so, what hardware would you recommend?

Sorry for sounding like such a n00b about this, I bet this list gets
all sorts of "is my hardware okay?" "what hardware should I get?"
questions.  I briefly trolled through the archive and didn't find
anything matching my situation.


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