[mythtv-users] Reinstalling MythTV

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Jun 7 22:09:53 UTC 2005

Gavin Haslett wrote:

>If you REALLY want to clean up serious cruft, you should do what I plan to do this weekend, which is to NUVEXPORT all your recordings out to NUV and SQL files, trash the database and merge everything back in. Sounds like a lot of work, and it is... but I've been looking at my database and filesystem lately and they don't match. I have more NUV files than I have recordings, so apparently I've got orphaned files out there. I also appear to have a couple of orphaned database entries that show up in NUVEXPORT selector, but have no associated files. I need to clean this up so I'm going to go the export/trash/import route.
>Only problem with this is it does mean that I'll have to re-create all my settings again... but that's not a huge problem for me as I have a mostly default setup.
You can always do a selective restore.  Just take the SQL you dump from 
the database backup and edit out anything you don't want--i.e. all the 
entries pertaining to the recorded table.

However, since you'll need to match your recordings with 
titles/subtitles/descriptions, it may make more sense just to start from 
your current database.  You can run a script to check for mismatches.  
For example, myth.rebuilddatabase.pl (in the contrib directory) will 
inform you of any mismatches and it asks you to enter 
title/subtitle/description for those recordings not in your database.

If you simply want to know what mismatches exist, you could modify 
myth.rebuilddatabase.pl to find and list all the mismatches.


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