[mythtv-users] Commercial skipping stopped working

Garry Cook garrycook at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 20:03:29 UTC 2005

On 6/7/05, kanetse at gmail.com <kane.tse at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sometimes the recordedmarkup table needs to be repaired in the database:
> >From a command prompt, run
> mysql -u mythtv mythconverg -p
> And then within mysql:
> REPAIR TABLE recordedmarkup;
> That should fix the table, if that was your problem.  However, you
> will have to get MythTV to re-flag the commericals on the shows which
> were flagged while the table was corrupted.

Hey, thanx! That worked perfectly for me. All of my old recordings
have their commercial flagging back, and as you stated, recordings
since the table broke need to be reflagged. After reflagging, they
work perfectly, perhaps even better than before the upgrade to 18.1
(from 18).

I'm wondering if turning the 'commercial flagging immediately' (or
whatever it's called) option back on will break it again. Don't have
time to check it right now, but perhaps tonight I can give it a shot.

Who works on the commercial flagging code (Chris Peterson???)? Is
there anyone that might want some log info or something to help track
the problem down if I find that it does re-occur? Let me know...


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