[mythtv-users] Re: Confused about mythtranscode

Ross Campbell ross.campbell at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 19:41:28 UTC 2005

> > Is it possible to have myth transcode MPEG-2 content to MPEG-4 when
> > it is a week old?  That way, shows I watch and delete right away are
> > in the original format, and have had no cpu wasted on them, but
> > shows that I might or might not get around to are compressed to
> > MPEG-4.
> There is currently no "delayed scheduling" of any kind of
> post-processing (commercial flaggin, transcoding, user jobs) for a
> purpose you describe above (AFAIK).

I quite like this idea of automated progressive aging/transcoding of recordings.

I would be happy to have a few schedules for recordings as follows:

from recording time to 1week - keep in mpeg2 full DVD resolution
after 1 week, transcode down using cutlist if available, reduce
bitrate - goal 1/2 of original filesize
after 2 months, transcode (to divix?), reduce resolution and bitrate -
goal 1/4 or original filesize

There might be some options to only invoke these progressive
transcoding options when free space drops below XX gb

I also think that for broader appeal, it would be a good idea to have
a basic recording options screen that allows people to choose from a
few preset options for recording profiles based on gigabytes of space
per hour of programming and to have an estimate on the summary screen
for estimated hours of remaining recording capacity.

The geek in me would also like to see a "total hours of recorded
programming on disk" stat based on the actual length of cut/transcoded
shows - not just original airtime.


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