[mythtv-users] Mythweb - delete a recording

cythrault at gmail.com cythrault at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 11:10:25 UTC 2005

On 6/7/05, Chris Petersen <lists at forevermore.net> wrote:
> > Ah, great then. In the interim, there could be two links instead of
> > only "delete". This would remove the javascript headache. ;)
> Done.  Ugly, but I'll hopefully come up with something better before the
> next release.  Please let me know if it does/doesn't work -- I don't
> have anything to delete to test it with.

Cool! Tho, it has a small problem. The delete link is ok but the
"delete and record again" deletes the recording beneath the link. ;)

For example, on my first recording, the delete link is:
confirm_delete(0, false) while the delete and record again link is:
confirm_delete(1, true)

And, if I may suggest, since the second row always contains one line,
why not put delete on that row and delete and record again on the
first row where the program description can take a few lines.


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