[mythtv-users] MythWeb Disc Usage calculation

Mathew Mrosko mythtv at matmrosko.com
Tue Jun 7 06:26:48 UTC 2005

On Monday 06 June 2005 08:48 am, Chris Petersen wrote:
> How much should that number actually be?  The filesize calculation
> changed in CVS recently, and due to math limitations in php, I think
> that anything beyond 4TB of disk space will confuse it.
> -Chris

Maybe in my dreams it's 4TB!!! I only have 562 Gigs... I know the old output 
used to be the whole disk usage as opposed to what was used for just 
recordings, but I don't know what's wrong... I have 494 Gigs used, and 319 
Gigs of that are the recordings.  Does the new code rely on the video_dir 
and/or video_url?  I don't think I have that video_url line UNcommented from 
the config file.  The links and everything work without it, so I guess I'll 
try that until I hear of anything else!

Thanks for the reply Chris!!!
mythtv [at] matmrosko [dot] com

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