[mythtv-users] PCHDTV-3000 2.0 settings

Bruce Pennypacker bruce at pennypacker.org
Mon Jun 6 19:23:05 UTC 2005

Greg Woods wrote:

> Could you explain to me exactly what this means? Which driver should I
> be using and where do I get it from? I see about 10 different driver
> versions on the pcHDTV web site. Once I have it, what should the Capture
> Card settings look like (that way I can tell if I've done it right)?
> I am experienced with Linux, but a complete newbie to the TV-on-computer
> world so I don't know what terms like "DVB" mean. This is the first TV
> capture card I have ever tried to use.

The 2.0 drivers (that you're using) are most likely the Video for Linux
(V4L) drivers that the pchdtv folks made available a while ago.  I
believe that they're no longer doing new development on these.

DVB stands for Digital Video Broadcast.  Most linux support for video
seems to be heading in this direction.  As of the 2.6.12-rc3 kernel DVB
support for the HD-3000 is built in so you don't need to do any patching
or anything else using downloads from the pchdtv.com website.  I'd
recommend you try switching to the DVB drivers since that's the way
these cards are most likely to be supported from now on.  Take a look at
the following thread for help switching to the DVB drivers:


Once you've got them working just go into mythtv-setup and set up the
card as a DVB card, not a pchdtv card.


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