[mythtv-users] DVB-T & PVR350 output

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Mon Jun 6 18:59:44 UTC 2005

Etienne Wrote:
> Has anyone ever tried to combine a DVB-T card with a PVR350?

Yes, lots.

> I would like to know if there is any driver incompatibility, because 
> with ivtv some v4l2 modules have to be overridden. 

Easy enough (at least with SuSE 9.1) to specify certain aliases for some
modules and totally different ones for another module, this means that
you can have two originally identically named modules, rename them and
just alias them when you need to load them

>And if it 
> is possible 
> to watch the DVBT video through the pvr350 ouptut (this is the only 
> reason to keep the PVR350, the output quality is far better 
> compared to standard tvouts.


> I am interested in buying an avermedia DVBT 771 PCI card and I don't 
> want to waste 75 euro.

I'm running a PVR-350/Nova-T in a Pundit-R (with TV out of the PVR-350), 
I have issues with the DVB-T but mainly due to Mythtv issues[1] rather than 
having a DVB-T and PVR-350. When it works it works perfectly.



[1] Recording on a a channel where there isn't anything on that channel 
the next time the card is used and the card fails to tune to the/a channel
and misses recordings[2].
[2] Just on the 1/1000 chance that one of the dev's actually reads this
would it be possible to detect a failure to record and choose a different
rather than just give up?

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