[mythtv-users] Re: Abandoned with Xbox?

Tony Lill ajlill at ajlc.waterloo.on.ca
Mon Jun 6 17:41:24 UTC 2005

Sounds like you're running 1.0.3, or something based on woody. I
talked to Matt who builds the myth .debs, and they are targetted to
Ubanto and possibly the latest unstable debian. THey will not install
on a woody based system.

You can possibly install the required dependencies manually by forcing
the correct version to install from unstable. I think when I tried
that it got real ugly real fast. What I wound up doing is finding the
build dependancies, forcing most of them to install, and then building
it myself.
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Evil Barney <evilbarney at gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks Guys for the suggestions.  I wish the ./install.pl -u worked
> the magic.  I get failed dependancies.  on libsound2 and liblame0.  it
> says its installing woody1, but myth needs the other two.  I tried an
> apt-get on those two packages, and it seems they are not there
> anymore.  any suggestions on how to get these dependancy issues taken
> care of?
> -EB
> On 6/2/05, Adam Anderson <adamand at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>> > > I've got a nicely functioning .16 backend and a xbox front end running
>> > > .16 built off this distro http://bit.blkbk.com/ from Dennis Cartier. I
>> > > used the .0.4.4 code.  I'd like to upgrade, but after reading the
>> > > posts here, I'm not real confident that I can take the xbox to .18
>> > > without losing major plugins.
>> > >
>> > > Whats the real deal? has Dennis abondoned this project?  has anyone
>> > > really had success with xfedora and myth?  I don't see much detail on
>> > > xfedora or Dennis' build anywhere in regards to .18.
>> > >
>> > > I've tried to upgrade the xbox per the upgrade doc with no luck and
>> > > not real sure about trying again without someone from the project
>> > > talking about a supported path.
>> > >
>> > > Evil-Barney
>> >I was running 0.16 last week on a setup that included a server a few
>> >PC frontends and an XBox.  I upgraded all the systems using apt
>> >successfully to 0.18.  The mythweather plug in on the XBox needed a
>> >little more attention.  Another annoying bit was that the mythtv
>> >package insisted on installing mysql, mythbackend and mythtv-database,
>> >but I just apt-get remove'd mysql afterwards and everything is running
>> >nicely now.
>> >I just did an apt-get update followed by apt-get install mythtv on the
>> >XBox.
>> I used the .0.4.5-beta scripts with v1.1.0 of Xebian and it worked fine for
>> me.  I did this after Mythtv .18 was in the debian repositories.  My backend
>> and xbox frontend are running .18 fine.  But yes I think the project has not
>> had much attention lately, but it still works.
>> Adam
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