[mythtv-users] Force recording without info in EPG?

Paul Andreassen paulx at andreassen.com.au
Mon Jun 6 14:44:42 UTC 2005

On Mon, 6 Jun 2005 10:39 pm, Brian McCrary wrote:
> Is there a way to record a custom channel (I have one setup for my VCR)
> that has no EPG data, something like a stop and record I could hit while
> watching livetv on that channel.  I can't record using the normal method
> because the EPG data is not there since I manually added the channel.
> Brian

Hi Brian,

This has been covered before on the mail list.
Search here http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/

Here is a howto I keep for my own use.

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There are better tools to use if you just want to record arbitrary, non-tv, 
content off of your composite/s-video input. 

Run the mythtv-setup program and answer "no" to the two questions. 
"3. Video Sources"->New video source. Enter "Live Video" (AnalogSource)
for  the name, don't touch any of the grabber info just press  "Finish"
(set to tv_grab_nz which has "exit 0"). Without grabber info,
mythfilldatabase  will inertly fail to grab listings for this source.
Not a  problem.  To clarify, permit it to stay on DataDirect,  but fail
to supply a username and password. 
"4. Input Connections". Associate "Live Video" (AnalogSource) with the 
appropriate input. 
"5. Channel Editor"->New Channel, fill in a name (Analog Composite),
number (3), you  probably need a fake callsign (Analog) to keep the
scheduler happy (don't  use a callsign that matches a real station) and
set "Live Video" (AnalogSource) as the source. Everything else is
optional, unnecessary or uses  a reasonable default. 
You now have a channel for a source on that input. You can use  "C" to
change the input in live TV (I use 'y' twice). TV->Schedule Recordings-> 
Manual Schedule will have your new channel in the "Channel" (3 Analog
Composite) combobox so you can create a manual record. 
The way the scheduler works is that there are record rules and  SQL
queries look for matching items in the listing. The current  manual
record uses the same mechanism so it adds a fake entry  into the
listings at the same time as it adds the record rule.  Both gigem and I
know that this should be changed to add manual  items to the schedule
without checking the listings but nobody  has gotten around to it yet. 

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